Capel-y-cwm Unitarian Chapel, Llanwenog, Cardiganshire,
The cause began in 1896 and the chapel built in 1906.
Every town and village in Wales has its chapels.They have had a significant role in the development of Welsh society. Their striking buildings - sometimes homely, sometimes extravagant oddities, but often magnificent - have contributed greatly to the appearance of the country. Today both congregations and buildings are in rapid decline.

Members of Capel celebrate the history and architecture of our chapels.We visit them to hear about their history and see their buildings. When they have to close we try to ensure that their records are kept safely and that their buildings are used sympathetically.

Capel was formed in 1986 as a voluntary society. Today we have over 300 members in Wales, England, Scotland and the United States. We are always glad to welcome new members!


Cynefin This project of the National Library of Wales may be of interest to historians of chapels. The project aims to digitise all the tithe maps of Wales. These maps show about 95% of the land of Wales as i (16-02-2016) more...
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