Castle Square, English Presbyterian Church, interior, Caernarfon,
The chapel was built in 1882-3 in the Gothic style to a design by Richard Owen, Liverpool. © Crown copyright RCAHMW



Members receive a Newsletter twice a year in Spring and Autumn. With the exception of the most recent issue the list of contents and the whole archive are available on the website.

Local Information Leaflets

We produce Local Information Sheets twice a year to coincide with Capel visits. They are now all available on the website. Here is a list of them.

Discovering Chapels

Periodically, Capel produces leaflets focusing on the chapels located in specific towns. Here are the ones available to date:

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We produce information leaflets on a number of different subjects: you can download them all.

Digital Library

Capel has a scanning program under way, which will prepare digital versions of relevant publications. Here is the Digital Library.

Publications about Chapels

The list concentrates on books and booklets which contain information on chapels in Wales.

Guide to Denominations

Capel Capel has published 'Chapels: A Guide to Denominations in Wales' by Lionel Madden. You can read it here.

A limited number of printed copies are available for £3 (including postage) from the Secretary.

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