Ebeneser, Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Tumble,
The chapel was built in 1892 and rebuilt in the Classical style to a design by John Jones. Gutted in 1996. © Crown copyright RCAHMW

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1. Mawrth : March 1987
'CCB:AGM 1986'
Jeff Harrison. 'Gravestone recording in Glamorgan'
D.Michael Francis. 'Archif penseiri capeli'
Alison Allan. 'Pontypridd Historical and Cultural Centre'
A.G.Veysey. 'Clwyd Chapels Project'

2. Gorffennaf : July 1987
Alun Evans. 'Two Rhondda chapels'
'Spring meeting 1987: Caernarfon'
R.Tudur Jones. 'Chapel culture'
Beryl H.Griffiths. 'Cyfri'r capeli'
Harri Parri. 'Seilo, Caernarfon'
Tecwyn Vaughan Jones. 'Yr Hen Gapel (Soar), Tre'rddôl'

3. Tachwedd : November 1987
Prys Morgan. 'Chapels in Dyfed'
Eryl Wyn Rowlands. 'Capel Mawr, Amlwch an unusual feature'
Churches: A Question of Conversion by K.Powell and la Hey [revview]
Eglwysi'r Bedyddwyr yng Nghymru by Gareth O.Watts [review]

4. Mawrth : March 1988
D.L.Davies., The Call of Zion by Ronald D.Dennis [review]
D.L.Davies., Capeli by Gwenllian Jenkins [review]
The History of a Nonconformist Church in Mountain Ash 18691987
[Providence URC, formerly Congregational] by A.V.Jones [review]
CCB:AGM 1987

5. Gorffennaf : July 1988
'Spring meeting 1988: Newport'
Roger L.Brown. 'Ashton's little game: the origin of Wood Street Congregational
Church, Cardiff'

6. Tachwedd : November 1988
Roger L.Brown. 'The Bible Christians and Diamond Street Church, Roath,
'CCB:AGM 1988'
'Clwyd Chapels Project'
John Mortimer. 'Hints on recording chapels in a rural area'

7. Gwanwyn : Spring 1989
Trefor Owen. 'Capel John Hughes, Pontrobert'
A.F.Mortimer. 'A bornagain
sinner? Primitive Methodism in the Marches'
Alun Jones. 'Last rites' [on closure of Tabor, Maesteg and Seilo, Aberystwyth]
A.F.Mortimer. 'News of chapels in Eastern Montgomeryshire'
'Synagogues in Wales: an Olwen Hughes exhibition'

8. Haf : Summer 1989
'Spring Meeting 1989: Chapels of Clwyd'
'Y Capel Bach' [Ebeneser, Penparcau, ger Aberystwyth]
'West Glamorgan Group report'
A.F.Mortimer. 'Follow the fashion'
'William Henry Spaull' [as architect of Queen's Road Methodist Church,

9. Hydref : Autumn 1989
Brian Ll.James. 'Sir William Beddoe Rees (18771931)'
D.L.Davies. 'Saint ynteu Satanwyr?'
'CCB:AGM 1989'
B.R.Parry. 'Visit to Nonconformist chapels in Ll]n'

10. Gwanwyn : Spring 1990
'West Glamorgan Branch report'
Brian Ll.James. '350th anniversary' [of Tabernacle URC, Llanfaches, Gwent]
W.H.Faulknall. 'Chapels of North Brecknock district and their memorials'
A.F.Mortimer. 'Porches'

11. Haf : Summer 1990
'Spring Meeting 1990: Haverfordwest'
Thomas Lloyd. 'George Morgan of Carmarthen, architect (18341915)'
'Capel Cerrig the Stone Church' [RemsenSteuben
area, New York State]
'Swansea and West Glamorgan Branch report'
'Ysgoldy Bach Trefechan' [Aberystwyth]
Ann Rhydderch. 'The Society of Friends in Penllyn'

12. Gaeaf : Winter 1990
'CCB:AGM 1990'
'Tour of the chapels of North Montgomeryshire'
Edwin Welch. 'Lady Huntingdon's college at Trevecka'
V.H.Williams. 'Monumental inscriptions'
M.E.Williams. 'Fe drodd y rhod: pennod yn hanes cefn gwlad Cymru'
[Goginan, Ceredigion]

13. Gwanwyn : Spring 1990
'Chapels and religion in the Valleys' [report of talk by Alwyn J.Williams]
Lona Roberts. 'Siwrnai o gwmpas capeli Cwm Rhondda'
Geoffrey M.Brown. 'Methodism in Aberystwyth'
Gareth Haulfryn Williams. 'Methodist records in Wales'
Peter M.Thomas. 'Cau Eglwys y Tabernacl, Talybont'
, Marching to Zion: Radnorshire Chapels by J.B.Sinclair & R.W.D.Fenn
The History of Mountain Ash by A.V.Jones, translated from William Bevan,
Hanes Mountain Ash with additional material [review]

14. Hydref : Autumn 1990
'The chapels of Penarth'
John Gibbs. 'The ongoing life of the chapels in Penarth'
Alun Evans. 'Capeli Cwm Rhondda'
Keith Thomas. 'A rash of chapels' [Ebbw Vale]
'A register of chapels?'
'Welsh chapels in America'
'Methodist records in Wales Addendum'

15. Gaeaf : Winter 1991/92
Merfyn H.Roberts. 'The chapels of Dolgellau'
'CCB:AGM 1992'
'News from North Montgomeryshire'
Susan Beckley. 'Apostolic Church Archives'
'South East Wales Group report'
Beryl H.Griffiths. 'Capeli! Capeli!'
A.F.Mortimer. 'Denominations and styles'

16. Gwanwyn : Spring 1992
Graham Rosser. 'Penrhos Uniting Church, built 1992'
'Register of chapels in Wales'
'Nonconformity in nineteenth century Swansea'
'No museum of Nonconformity for Gwynedd'

17. Hydref : Autumn 1992
'Meidrim and Trelech'
Kemmis Buckley. 'Did John Wesley really come to Meidrim?'
'Penarth chapel walkabout'
'Some early Flintshire chapels' [report of talk by Dr Malcolm Seaborne]

18. Gaeaf : Winter 1992
'Visit to Rhosllanerchrugog'
'CCB:AGM 1992'
'Register of chapels in Wales'
Malcolm Seaborne. 'Early Flintshire chapel plans'

19. Gwanwyn : Spring 1993
Dafydd H.Owen. 'Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru: strategaeth ar gyfer y dyfodol'
A.J.Parkinson. 'Surveys of churches and chapels in Wales (1992)'
Elizabeth Evans. 'Register of chapels'
A.R.Mortimer. 'Excessive enthusiasm: a brief note on chapel recording practice'
Malcolm Seaborne. 'Richard Owen(s) 18311891:
chapel architect'

20. Hydref : Autumn 1993
'Woodstock and Rhydwilym'
J.E.Wynne Davies. 'Calvinistic Methodism in Pembrokeshire'
Allan Mayne. 'The Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay'
Nia Rhosier. 'Hen Gapel John Hughes, Pontrobert'
T.J.Evans. 'The history of Salem, Canton, Cardiff' [transcribed from audio tape
and translated by Donald Moore]
Trefor M.Owen. 'Capel Newydd Nanhoron'

21. Gaeaf : Winter 1993/4
'CCB:AGM 1993 and tour of Radnorshire chapels'
Vernon Hughes and Malcolm Seaborne. 'Welsh chapel architects'

22. Gwanwyn : Spring 1994
'Carmarthen Antiquarians' dayschool
on chapels'
Elizabeth Hall. 'Building Preservation Trusts'
'The government and the preservation of chapels in Wales'
Elizabeth Hall. 'Register of chapels'
'A Welsh architect in London'

23. Gaeaf : Winter 1994
'Lloyd George and Nonconformity: the chapels of Llanystumdwy and Cricieth'
A.F.Mortimer. 'Recording Welsh Nonconformist chapels'
Trinity Methodist Church, Penarth by John and Sheila Gibbs [review]

24. Gaeaf : Winter 1994 [sic]
Elizabeth Hall. 'A register of chapels'
A.F.Mortimer. 'Experiences of the pilot survey of Merioneth'
A.F.Mortimer. 'A few notes on drawing chapels'
Dafydd Ifans. Cofrestri Anghydffurfiol Cymru:Nonconformist Registers of
Neil Sumner. 'Mid Glamorgan County Council chapels register'
Kevin Matthias. 'Clwyd chapels project'
A.J.Parkinson. 'RCAHMW religious buildings project'
E.L.James. 'Chapels in Ceredigion: a survey made in the mid seventies'
E.L.James. 'Monumental inscriptions in Ceredigion: a personal record'

25. Gwanwyn : Spring 1995
'Cadw seminar on redundant chapels'
Thomas Lloyd. 'The Historic Buildings Council and its help towards chapels'
'Conversion by Clwydfro of the former English Congregational Chapel, London
Road, Corwen'
'Welsh chapels in America'
John Harvey. 'A pictorial record of Welsh chapels'
'CCB:AGM 1994'

26. Hydref : Autumn 1995
Neil Sumner. 'Redundant chapel buildings'
Felicity Workman. 'Converting redundant chapels: how to go about raising the
E.Ronald Morris. 'Chapels in Llanidloes and district'
D.Huw Owen. 'A.F.Mortimer' [obituary]
J.Eric Jones. 'Martin Snead' [obituary]
'Welsh chapels in Patagonia'

27. Gwanwyn : Spring 1996
'Annual meeting at Mold'
'CCB:AGM 1995'
I.G.Jones. 'Nonconformity in South West Wales' [review of David Russell
Barnes. People of Seion]
Brynley F.Roberts. 'Hanes adeilad Capel y Morfa, Aberystwyth'

28. Hydref : Autumn 1996
D.Huw Owen. 'Temlau Addoliad: Temples of Devotion'
Alun Evans. 'Bethel, Brecon'
Marian Henry Jones. The Ilston Book, ed. B.G.Owens [review]

29. Gwanwyn : Spring 1997
Keith Kissack. 'Nonconformity in Monmouth'
'CCB:AGM 1996'
Elizabeth Evans. 'Chapels seminar'
Catherine Masterman. 'Pictures of chapels'
Catherine Masterman. 'Carmarthen Road Chapel' [URC, Swansea]
M.Bowen Evans. 'Study of a chapel wins a prize'
E.ap Nefydd Roberts. Welsh Chapels by Anthony Jones [review]
30. Hydref : Autumn 1997
'Joint meeting with the Chapels Society at Shrewsbury'
Memorials of the Independent Chapel at Rothwell by George T.Streather
'Eglwys yr Annibynwyr, Tabernacl, Rhostryfan, Gwynedd'
Chapel records: Denbighshire' [recent deposit of Wesleyan Methodist records]
'CCB:AGM 1997'
Vernon Hughes. 'The spike on the chapel gate'

31. Gwanwyn : Spring 1998
Ieuan Gwynedd Jones. The Remarkable Life of John
Humphrey, God's Own Architect by David Farmer, [review]
Elizabeth Evans. 'Victorian Society discussion day'
Julian Orbach. 'Survey of chapels 199899'
Malcolm Jeffries. 'West Wales Historic Churches and Chapels Trust'
'Hen gynlluniau a ffotograffau o gapeli: Old chapel plans and photographs'
Rhiell Elidir Edwards. 'Llyfrgelloed capeli: Chapel libraries'

32. Hydref : Autumn 1998
'O Gilgerran i Henllan Amgoed: From Cilgerran to Henllan Amgoed'
Eifion Evans. 'Early Calvinistic Methodism in North Pembrokeshire'
D.Huw Owen. 'Diolch a chofio' [Horeb, Y Gors (New Cross) a SoaryMynydd]
Rob Scourfield. 'The chapel in the park' [Burnett's Hill Calvinistic Methodist
chapel, near Martletwy, South Pembrokeshire]
Elizabeth Evans. 'Problems for conservationists'
Ray Caple. 'Capel's survey and census of chapels in Wales: progress report'
'Ymddiriedolaeth Capeli Cymru yn yr arfaeth: proposed Wales Chapels Trust'
Einion Thomas. 'Capel Cymraeg Talbot Street, Dulyn'

33. Gwanwyn : Spring 1999
Penny Icke. 'Church buildings: sure foundations or stumbling blocks' [report on
conference at Coleg Trefeca]
'CCB:AGM 1998'
Naomi J.Hughes. 'Photographing chapels in Anglesey'
Claire Deacon. 'Burnetts Hill Chapel update'

34. Hydref : Autumn 1999
'Cyfarfod y Gwanwyn yn Llanelli'
Maurice Loader. 'Nonconformity in the Llanelli area an introduction'
'Ymddiriedolwyr Ymddiriedolaeth Capeli Cymru: Trustees of the Welsh
Chapels Trust'
'West Wales Historic Churches and Chapels Trust'

35. Gwanwyn : Spring 2000
R.Fred Roberts. 'The nineteenth century Mormon chapel in Abergele'
Stuart Rivers. 'The chapel is dead, long live the chapel: Tabernacl, Llandudno: a
case history'
'Chapel photographs in the National Library'
'CCB:AGM 1999'
'Chapels under threat'

36. Hydref : Autumn 2000
'Spring meeting at Brecon'
Herbert Hughes. 'Capel y Babell: Mynydd Epynt'
Vernon Hughes. 'Libanus, Rhuallt'
Robert Scourfield. 'Jottings on the chapels of South Wales [1]'
'Chapels under threat'

37. Gwanwyn : Spring 2001
A.J.Parkinson. 'Chapels into the future'
'CCB:AGM 2000'
Robert Scourfield. 'Jottings on the chapels of South Wales [2]'
'Chapels now closed or demolished, Breconshire'
John Freer. 'How I photographed the chapels and churches of Breconshire and
Stuart Rivers. 'Llandudno chapels and churches study'
'Chapels under threat'

38. Hydref : Autumn 2001
D.J.Percival. 'News from the Royal Commission'
Eryl Wyn Rowlands. 'Richard Owen 18311891,
'Bulding applications and threatened sites'
Nia Rhosier. 'Hen Gapel John Hughes, Pontrobert'
Gwilym Williams. 'The restoration of Tabernacl, Llandudno'
Merfyn Wyn Thomas. 'Methodist by name, methodical by nature: the
Calvinistic Methodist Archive at the National Library of Wales
Dilys Glover. 'Family history fairs'

39. Gwanwyn : Spring 2002
Glanmor Williams. 'The Quakers in Neath'
'CCB:AGM 2001'
'A brief history of Orchard Place English Baptist Church'
Eryl Wyn Rowlands. 'Three lesserknown
architects from Anglesey and
Stuart A.Rivers. 'Chapel consolidation in Llandudno takes major step'
John Freer. 'Chapels now closed, converted or demolished: Radnorshire'
'Building applications and threatened sites'
Stuart A.Rivers. 'Capel Cergeiliog, near Holyhead'
'Anniversaries: Llanwenarth Baptist; Pendref Wesleyan, Denbigh'
'Disabled access'

40. Hydref : Autumn 2002
'Spring meeting in Llangefni'
Eryl Wyn Rowlands. 'Capel Moreia, Llangefni'
Lionel Madden. 'Methodism in Wales book'
Elizabeth Evans. 'Recording and conserving Cornish Methodist chapels'
Glyn Parry. Chapel records in the National Library'
'Threatened sites: correspondence and building applications'
'Chapel anniversaries: Philadelphia, Morriston; Carew'
D.Huw Owen. 'Touring exhibition'

41. Gwanwyn : Spring 2003
James Scourfield. 'The chapels of Blaenavon'
'Capel's visit to Blaenavon'
'CCB:AGM 2002'
D.Densil Morgan. 'Nonconformity in Anglesey'
Eryl Wyn Rowlands. 'Richard Davies 18431906'
'A new chapel in Bangor'
Desmond Davies. 'Story of a hospital chapel [St David's, Carmarthen]'
'News from the Welsh Religious Buildings Trust'

42. Hydref : Autumn 2003
'Spring meeting at Bala'
Goronwy Prys Owen. 'Capel Telid, y Bala'
Anthony Sully. 'Converting a chapel into a home: Glendower Street
Congregational Chapel, Monmouth'
'Capel bach gwyngalchog: y capel mewn llenyddiaeth Gymraeg [Report of
Eisteddfod lecture by Glyn Tegai Hughes]'
J.E.Wynne Davies. 'The chapels of Victoria, Australia'
'Baptist church in Breconshire'
'Recent and forthcoming publications'
'Threatened chapels'

43. Gwanwyn : Spring 2004
'Autumn meeting in Caerphilly'
'CCB:AGM 2003'
'Capel's architectural advisors'
'Building applications and threatened chapels'
Brynley F.Roberts. Calendar of the Trevecka letters by Boyd Stanley Schlenther
and Eryn Many White [review]
The Buildings of Wales: Pembrokeshire by Thomas Lloyd et al [explanatory
Stuart A.Rivers. 'Falling like Welsh chapels'
D.Huw Owen. 'The Graham Rosser photographic collection'

44. Hydref : Autumn 2004
'Spring meeting at Rhyl'
Eryl Wyn Rowlands. 'Chapel architects and chapel building in North Wales
with particular reference to Ynys Môn, 18631913'
Stephen Hughes. 'The RCAHMW/Capel chapels study'
David Percival. 'Chapels of the great revivals'
David Percival. 'Coflein RCAHMW's new internet search facility'
'Building applications and threatened sites'
Sheila Mason. 'Salvation Army buildings in South Wales'
Shem Morgan. 'Pam Llanfaches' [Eisteddfod lecture]
Colin Dews. Grace, grit and gumption by Geraint Fielder [review]
'Vernon Jones: obituary'
'Graham Rosser: obituary'

45. Gwanwyn : Spring 2005
'Autumn meeting in Loughor'
'CCB:AGM 2004'
Noel Gibbard. 'The 19045
revival in Old Glamorgan'
'Building applications and threatened sites'
Charles Kightly. 'Making chapels accessible'
Mair Davies Jones. 'Cefn Mawr industries and chapels'
Brynley F.Roberts. Chapels of the Cynon Valley by Alan Vernon Jones [review]

46. Hydref : Autumn 2005
'Spring meeting in Llanidloes'
Cynthia Mills. 'The Mills family of Llanidloes'
Peter Mason. 'Making chapels accessible: a Capel response'
'Building applications and threatened sites'
'Capel Newydd Nanhoron' [Eisteddfod lecture by Harri Parri]

47. Gwanwyn : Spring 2006
'Autumn meeting in Ruthin'
'CCB:AGM 2005'
E.Gwynn Matthews. 'Origins of dissent and nonconformity in the Vale of
Clwyd 16621802'
Peter Mason. 'Time to bring out the cherry pickers?'
'Building applications and threatened sites'
Ann Rhydderch. Capeli Cymru gan D.Huw Owen [adolygiad]

48. Hydref : Autumn 2006
'Spring meeting in Abergavenny'
Herbert Hughes. 'Castle Street United Reformed Church, Abergavenny'
Dilys R.Glover. 'Family history fairs'
'Building applications and threatened sites'
'The chapel on the Capel mug'
Prys Morgan. 'Dr Thomas Rees, Abertawe (181585)
ac anghydffurfiaeth
Cymru' {Eisteddfod lecture]
'A message from Matthew Saunders, Hon.Director of Friends of Friendless
Elizabeth Evans. Thomas Thomas:181788:
the first national architect of Wales
by Stephen Hughes [review]
Sheila Mason. 'The Moravian Church'
'Pulpit Bibles'
'Chapel furniture'

49. Gwanwyn : Spring 2007
'Building applications and threatened sites'
'Llanrwst Meeting'
'The Rhydwilym Project'
'Matthew Henry's Lost Chapel'
'Recent Publications'
'Eisteddfod Genedaethol y Wyddgrug'

50. Hydref : Autumn 2007
'Capel AGM 2007'
'Building applications and threatened sites'
'News of Chapels'
'Eisteddfod Lecture'
'Jon James obituary'

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